Watch Sheila Nevins As She Takes The Stage With Gloria Steinem to Discuss Her Book, Documentary, and More

Join our newest MAKER Sheila Nevins and MAKER Gloria Steinem as they take the stage at BUILD Series for a LIVE discussion about Nevins' new book, "You Don't Look Your Age," and career as President of HBO Documentary Films for the last 30 years.

Nevins, who has been credited with creating the documentary rebirth is the woman you never knew you needed to listen to until now as she is astonishingly brave in the way she is unapologetically herself, as she speaks her mind in a frank, honest, and funny manner.

"This happened to me, learn from my mistakes and my successes. Because you don't get smarter as you get older, you get braver."

Watch Nevins and Steinem LIVE on Monday, May 1, at 5pm EST.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images