Trump's White House May Have History's Third Female Press Secretary

Known as "The Trump Whisperer," Kellyanne Conway has already made history as the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign. Her popularity streak continues as she has been rumored to follow the president-elect into the White House as press secretary.

She's one of two women who've been mentioned to fill the role. If either her or Laura Ingraham are chosen, it will be the third time in U.S. history when a woman has been appointed to the position.

Conway alluded to her next steps via Twitter last week, when she responded "false" to journalist Gabriel Sherman's assertion that she was "reluctant to take [an] administration job" because she wanted to keep running her business.

Either her, or Ingraham's female perspective, would offer a strong voice in an administration of very few women.

The New York Times speculates that Conway may not take the role as she "has four young children and is weighing what a move into the West Wing would do to them."

Thus, she may remain on the outside, as a voice for the new administration on television, or with a new "super PAC" set up to support the president-elect's activities, The New York Times reports.

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