This "We the People" Artwork Is a Must-See

This "We the People" Artwork Is a Must-See


Jan 20, 2017

The artist behind the well-known Barack Obama "HOPE" poster, Shepard Fairey, has officially created new artwork as a part of a "We the People" movement which, according to Mashable, contains pieces from 18 artists.

In their efforts to eliminate "hate, fear and open racism," The Amplifier Foundation commissioned some of the movement's pieces that are "dedicated to igniting national dialogue about American identity and values through public art and story sharing."

Depicting women of various backgrounds, Fairey's artwork sends different messages of inclusivity to the people, championing the movement's mission.

Click through the gallery above to see all of his images. And as the site says, they are free to download, print, paste, or post, but not to sell.

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Photo Credit: Shepard Fairey/The Amplifier Foundation

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