Welcome New MAKERS Asenath Andrews, Lauri Burns, Pat Schroeder, and Maria Shriver!

MAKERS recently welcomed four incredible new MAKERS! 

Joining the MAKERS community are former Congresswoman, Pat Schroeder; journalist and former First Lady of California, Maria Shriver; educator, Asenath Andrews; and teen advocate, Lauri Burns. 

Pat Schroeder is a former United States Congresswoman who served on the House of Representatives for 24 years, making her the longest serving woman in Congress to date. From arms control to women and family, she took on many popular liberal issues as well as those she felt she was responsible for as one of the rare women representatives. She talks about sexism at Harvard Law School, experiencing death threats on the job, and her hope for more women in Congress.

Maria Shriver was born into the public eye, but chose to forge a path of her own as a network journalist, author, and in an unforeseen turn, First Lady of California. Shriver talks about how growing up a tomboy prepared her for what her mother deemed a "man's world", her struggle with finding a balance between work and family, and the groundbreaking Shriver Report


Asenath Andrews  founded and is currently principal of the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit, a school for teenagers who are pregnant or parents. The school has a 90 percent graduation rate. Andrews talks about how she empowers her students with non-traditional lessons and the different kind of community that exists in an all-girls environment


Lauri Burns is founder of the Teen Project, a non-profit organization that provides support for teens transitioning out of foster care. Burns talks about the problem with government's foster care, and what homeless kids today surprisingly want.