We've Added Three New MAKERS

We’ve launched three new MAKERS today - we invite you to explore their incredible stories of perseverance, determination and strength.


Educator, Dena Simmons, knows that before you can teach students, you must foster a healthy and safe environment for them to learn. And she would know – she’s currently a student herself, studying for her doctorate at Columbia University, Teachers College.  Simmons’ research relates to the importance she places on learning environments. Concentrating on the topic of bullying, Simmons is working to understand “teacher’s perceptions of their self-efficacy and preparedness to handle bullying situations.” Find out her philosophy on teaching, and why she loves her work, by heading to her profile.


Leila Janah  is Founder and CEO of Samasource, a nonprofit that connects people living in poverty to work, through the Internet.  When Janah became frustrated with the bureaucracy of international development work, she didn’t just give up. She realized that she needed to stop following the rules, and create the company for which she would want to work. Find out more about Leilah Janah by going to her profile, and discover why she wants to be a visible role model for women in tech.


Raised on a farm, Gabrielle Hamilton made her way to New York City as a chef and author. While her dream was to become an author, Hamilton initially took jobs in kitchens to make ends meet. Now the chef and owner of Prune Restaurant, located in the East Village in NYC, she has managed to pursue both paths. In 2011 she released her autobiography, Blood, Bones & Butter, and she is an active contributor to such publications as The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Bon Appétit, Saveur, and Food & Wine. Find out why Hamilton places importance on self-reliance, and why she is compelled to experience everything in life. 


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