What Does Pride Mean to British Women?

In the weeks following the Orlando massacre, the LGBTQ community and supporters worldwide rallied under the banners of #LoveIsLove and #LoveWins. To further their cause, champions of change have honored and commemorated the LGBTQ rights movement by continuing the celebrations of June's Pride month without fear.

On the 47th anniversary of New York's Stonewall Riots, London hosted 231 walking groups made up of revelers, charities, support groups, companies, political representatives, and their allies on a three-hour march snaking through London's West End. Later, a concert at Trafalgar Square featured performances by "X Factor’s" Seann Miley Moore, "Macho" singer Sinitta, drag acts and many more. Street parties filled the city with tens of thousands of people all the way up north through Soho to Oxford Street — the biggest crowd in the area since the vigil for Orlando held two weeks earlier.

Heading up the parade was Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and his wife, Saadiya. Khan later gave a speech declaring London's "reputation as one of the most LGBT-friendly cities on the planet" and asserted in the day following the referendum vote to leave the European Union (which he campaigned to remain in), "As mayor of a city where the large majority of people of all communities, faiths and backgrounds don't simply tolerate each other, but respect, embrace and celebrate our diversity, I want to send a clear message to one million Europeans living in London. You are welcome."

Also in the parade were Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone, and Jennifer Saunders as Edina Monsoon, reprising their "Absolutely Fabulous" characters along with a team of drag queens from Sink the Pink, and "Gogglebox's" vicar, Kate Bottley. Bottley later held a service at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church for Pride’s Christian attendees.

MAKERS was also on the ground to speak to women and female-identified LGBTQ people and their allies to find out what pride means to them, and how they feel women form a part of the ongoing LGBTQ rights movement. Watch the video above for more behind the scenes coverage of London's Pride celebration. 

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