What "Feminine" Things Would Men Do If They Weren't Judged?

While gender equality is often associated with women fighting for equal rights as men, people often forget that the opposite can be true as well. Just as women want to be able to do what men do, men frequently (and often secretly) would love to be able to do what women do.

With incredible organizations like "He for She," we are reminded that true gender equality would eliminate the stereotypes often associated with our ideas of "femininity" and "masculinity."


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In fact, it's far from just a women's movement. Not long ago a Redditor asked the men of Reddit: "What thing would you do if it wasn't so 'feminine' or socially 'unacceptable'?"

The responses? Some heartwarming, others hilarious, all were honest, and mostly somewhat surprising. Here are just a few of them:

• "I'd knit so hard, bro."
• "It's a really simple thing, but girls just fucking smell good. When they come out of the bathroom after showering and freshening up, it smells like someone knocked over a jar full of polka dots or something. They're all flowery and fruity and sweet. I wish I could smell like a flowerbed all the time without getting judged."
• "Say that cute things are cute"
• "Openly say aww to a baby or little animals..."
• "Be the little spoon — sometimes I want to be the cuddlee instead of the cuddler"
• "I love gems and jewelry. I'd wear more jewelry if it was socially acceptable. I mean a ruby studded gold bracelet or some shit. Hell, it would be neat to get a piercing and put a gemstone in it."

Read more responses here.

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