What is "Meternity Leave" and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

By Meredith Lepore

A woman named Meghan Foye created quite an upset this weekend when she advocated in The New York Post for childless women to take a "meternity leave" so they too could discover themselves, find relief from the daily grind burnout and figure out how to "advocate for me."

Foye's argument is that pregnant women have the ultimate set up because they are the only ones in our overworked culture that get take a year off and not feel bad about it (except that's really not true as studies show women who take time off for children are often discriminated against and demoted over time and for most women in the U.S. it is nowhere near a year.)

Foye wrote "the only path that provided a modicum of flexibility" was maternity leave except she is forgetting what actually happens during a maternity leave. You know, that whole taking care of a human being thing? As you can imagine the backlash has been pretty bad.

Foye was even forced to cancel a television appearance on "Good Morning America" to plug her new book "Meternity," which centers on a heroine who is mistakenly believed to be pregnant, then goes along with it reaping all the perks of being an expectant mom without the hardships.

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