What's It Like Being 16 in 2016? These Girls Will Tell You

Turning 16 is a long-awaited milestone for any teenage girl, but while it might be a "rite of passage" for some, it's a road block for others.

That's why Take Part — responsible for documentary films like "He Named Me Malala" and "Food, Inc." — created the "16 in '16" video campaign to illuminate the complex reality the next generation of women face. Launched this week, the series focuses on the rights of women and girls around the world that is core to Participant Media's mission that "a story well told can change the world."

From questions about gender identification and growing up in modern families, to love, sex, education, and more, this video-only series captures 16 stories from 16-year-old girls in six different continents.

Despite the differences that stem from geographical range, the young women share one very important thing in common: they're all entering a new chapter of their lives where they're simultaneously living in the present, thinking of the future, and experiencing thoughts and ideas ranging from career goals to celebrity crushes.

"These 16 girls are from different cultures, places, family dynamics, socioeconomic statuses," says Celeste Hoang, the project's editor. "But they're still navigating a lot of the same things."

Learn more about "16 in '16" by watching the video below. 

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