Which Groundbreaking Woman Said This?

MAKERS is testing your knowledge of women's history!

Do you know which incredible, groundbreaking woman said each of these memorable quotes?

Click on the slideshow to test yourself on which woman said what, and then let us know how you did by posting on Facebook or sending us a tweet!


Hint: She reinvented the wrap dress.

ANSWER: That would be Diane von Furstenberg!  

HINT: The day her comic was first published, she hid in the bathroom at the advertising firm where she was a VP.

ANSWER: Cathy Guisewite, creator of the Cathy comic  

HINT: Spoken by a groundbreaker in American government who began her political career rather late.

ANSWER: Madeleine Albright, first female Secretary of State.

HINT: The magazine she co-founded tackled issues never before depicted in magazines, like domestic abuse.

ANSWER: That's Gloria Steinem, co-founder of Ms. Magazine, of course!    

HINT: These words were spoken by a character in one of her novels.

ANSWER: Written by Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice-- extra points if you know which character said it!   Photo Credit: Getty Images  

HINT: She beat Bobby.

ANSWER: That would be Billie Jean King, who changed the face of women's professional sports.  

HINT: This Congresswoman broke ground as the longest serving woman in Congress.

ANSWER: That's Pat Schroeder! Did you get it right? .

HINT: This funny lady was the first woman ever to be asked by Johnny Carson to sit down for an interview after her comedy set on The Tonight Show.

ANSWER: Ellen DeGeneres also played the first gay lead character to come out on television.   

HINT: She was the first Latina to win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

ANSWER: Rita Moreno, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Anita in West Side Story.  

HINT: She wrote these words in her Pulitzer Prize winning novel about a young black girl growing up in Georgia and the strong female influences in her life, which was eventually made into both a movie and a musical.

ANSWER: Those words were written by Alice Walker in The Color Purple.  

HINT: This pioneering English writer wrote a book about a nobleman who wakes up one day and finds he is now a woman.

ANSWER: Virginia Woolf and the book is Orlando.   Photo Credit: Getty Images

HINT: These famous words were spoken by this woman in 1995 at the UN.

ANSWER: That would be Hillary Clinton, then First Lady and eventually the first First Lady to subsequently become a Senator and Secretary of State.  

HINT: These words were spoken by this media mogul and philathropist you're probably familiar with.

ANSWER: That's right! Oprah Winfrey!  

HINT: She was the first woman to officiate a game in the NBA.

ANSWER: Violet Palmer knows from experience that women only need equal opportunities, not a leg up, to compete.

HINT: She works closely with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg.

ANSWER: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is definitely a person to take business advice from!

HINT: She made waves in the male-dominated construction business and sports world.

ANSWER: Looks like Linda Alvarado heeded her own words. 

HINT: This short story writer penned The Doll's House.

ANSWER: Katherine Mansfield

HINT: She is the founder of The _____ Institute for Social Change and the Black Women's Health Imperative.

ANSWER: Byllye Avery sets an hour a day each morning aside for just herself.

HINT: You may find her "over the rainbow."

ANSWER: Judy Garland   Photo: Virgil Apger/John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images

HINT: She was the first woman variety show host.

ANSWER: Carol Burnett!   Photo: Getty Images

HINT: She was the first female president of Spelman College...

ANSWER: Johnetta Cole