Why This Domestic Violence Ad Is Going Viral

A domestic violence hotline ad just went viral and it's very intense — both visually and vocally.

The ad, titled "Hair, the pride of a woman," has gone viral in Bangladesh. The campaign portrays a young woman with beautiful hair having her hair cut at a salon. Each time the stylist trims it, the girl insists she wants it shorter. And each time she asks, she is visually more upset. Finally, she has a bob and she again demands, "shorter."

The confused stylist watches as the girl pulls at her own hair: "Make it even shorter. So that no one can hold it like this again."

The women in the salon looks up at her with mixed emotions expressing great sympathy, worry, and horror.

The ad states that every 80 out of 100 women face violence in some form during their lives. The campaign urges women to speak up and call the hotline for any advice or support.

Watch the ad below:

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Photo Credit: Getty Images