Exclusive Interview: Why That Girl On Tinder Made Her Bio "Send Me $5, See What Happens"

Maggie Archer, a 20-year-old senior at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Mo., decided to make her experience on Tinder a little more interesting by making her dating app bio read, "Send me $5, see what happens." Archer's profile and story have since gone viral, and we have the entire scoop on what she calls her "social experiment."

Read our exclusive Q&A with the girl who didn’t just swipe right and make matches, but made a profit in a brilliant and badass way:

Q: What was your incentive in making "send me $5, see what happens" your Tinder bio?
A: When I originally changed it, my bio was meant purely as a joke. However, once people began to actually offer the money, I started viewing it as more of a social experiment.

Q: About how many guys have sent you $5? And about much money have you made?
A: Twenty-two men had sent money before I stopped allowing them to give money to me.


Q: Has anyone sent you $5 dollars since, just to be funny?
A: An overwhelming amount of people have offered to send me money since this went viral, but I haven't accepted their requests. Even though it started out as purely profit, this was about more than just the money by the end. It was about revealing how patriarchal our society still is. The fact that men feel that women are so obligated to have sex with them, that they automatically assumed a sexual reward would be the result of paying me $5? It's obscene. So once people started offering to pay me due to the virality of my post, I stopped accepting money.

Q: It is rumored that Tinder has since deleted your profile. If so, what do you have to say about that?
A: Tinder DID delete my profile. However, I had already deleted the app days before they deleted my profile (due to the reasons given in the previous question).

Q: Do you believe in true love? Do you think it’s possible to find it on an app?
A: I don’t know about “True Love”, but I definitely believe love is real, and it is perfectly likely that someone can find it on a dating app!

Q: What provoked your decision to join a dating app while in college?
A: Originally, I downloaded the app to meet new people! Tinder doesn’t necessarily have to be used to find a hook up or a boyfriend, it can be used to make new friends as well, and that was my main use.

Q: People on the Internet had strong reactions to your Tinder bio. How have you reacted to that? 
A: I have tried my hardest not to read the comment sections of different articles written about me, because the negative comments can really start to get to a person after a while.

Q: Did you actually unmatch each person who sent you $5?
A: I unmatched most, but not all, of the guys who sent me money. A couple of them saw my bio as a joke as well, and sent me the $5 just because they found it funny. The men who I did unmatch were the ones who (wrongfully) assumed that sending me $5 would result in some sort of sexual compensation.

Q: Did any of them ask to be refunded, and/or track you down?
A: To the best of my knowledge, nobody asked to be refunded, or tracked me down after the fact. Q: What do you think people thought $5 would get them? A: The men who paid me money were most definitely assuming they would receive something sexual in return.

Q: Did you ever actually meet any of the guys?
A: I did not meet up with any of those matches.

Q: Why did you choose Tinder?
A: I chose tinder because it was the app most frequently used by my peers, and it was the only dating app I had an account with.

Q: Have you used any other dating platforms? What was your experience like on those platforms? Was your bio the same on those platforms?
A: I have not used any other dating platforms.

Q: What did your friends say about people sending you $5?
A: My friends (both male and female) all found it hilarious and were supportive of me.

Q: Would you change the situation and do anything differently if you could?
A: No, I would not. Although the attention I have received has been hard to manage, my post brought at least some level of awareness, and that is all I wanted to accomplish.

Q: Are you a romantic? Are you looking for love or was this one big game?
A: I am not a romantic, though I do appreciate the idea of romance. I don't think people need a significant other to be happy in life, so I'm definitely not running around trying to find any validation through love.

Q: Do you consider yourself a feminist?
A: I believe that men and women are equal and should be treated as such, so yes, I am a feminist.

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