WiSci Girls STEAM Campers On Their Favorite School Subjects, Songs and More

MAKERS is celebrating International Day of Girl this year with Girls Gone Global

What better way to highlight rockstar girls across the globe than to showcase our MAKERS Minutes from the extraordinary girls at the Women in Science STEAM Camp.

This year's WiSci Girls STEAM Camp took place from July 25 to August 15 in Rwanda at the Gashora Girls Academy where 120 talented girls from all over Africa and the United States gathered together for a unique opportunity to learn and advance their skills in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art and Design (STEAM) with a cross-cultural twist.

The campers followed a curriculum developed by leaders in the science and technology fields, which included hands-on experiential learning and activities related to the STEAM subjects. In addition to the academics, the girls also participated in leadership development activities, mentorship workshops and field trips within Rwanda.

The WiSci camp is part of The White House's Let Girls Learn initiative and is organized by a handful of founding partners including the U.S. Department of State, Microsoft, Intel, and Girl Up along with the Rwanda Girls Initiative and the Rwandan Ministry of Education

Watch the video above to catch up with the WiSci campers as they talk about their favorite school subjects, songs, and more in their exclusive MAKERS Minutes. 

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