If MAKERS Women Were Featured On $20 Bills

If MAKERS Women Were Featured On $20 Bills


Apr 30, 2015

Women have been making money for quite some time now, so it would only make sense to see some women on United States currency, right? Though Sacajawea and Susan B. Anthony appear on dollar coins, there are currently no women featured on any U.S. paper currency.

Fortunately, though, that may be about to change.

Women On 20s, a non-profit organization founded by Barbara Ortiz Howard, is making an effort toward getting historical and influential women on the $20 bill. So far, the final four women in the running are Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Wilma Mankiller.

In keeping with this theme, we decided to imagine what a few of our MAKERS would look like if they replaced Andrew Jackson on the bill. The next time someone asks if you have change for a $20, simply hand them one of these instead.

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