The Best and Worst States for Women's Careers

When considering job opportunities, or where to start a career, women in the workforce may want to take these results into account. 

A recent report by Fortune listed the best and worst states for women's careers.

According to the report, if women chose to live solely on where the most job opportunities are, and how well those positions paid, women would race to Washington, D.C.

A study by the nonprofit Institute for Women’s Policy Research says that D.C. has the best places for women's earnings and employment.

Researches considered four factors when considering the best states: Women’s median pay for full-time work; the proportion of women working in jobs considered managerial or profession; the level of women's workforce participation in each place; and the gap between their earnings and that of their male counterparts.

The report listed these as the top five states:

1. District of Columbia
2. Maryland
3. Massachusetts
4. New Jersey
5. Connecticut

Here are the bottom five states:

47. Arkansas
48. Mississippi
49. Louisiana
50. Idaho
51. West Virginia

View the full list here.

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