3 Women Changing the Face of the Makeup Industry

Despite there still being room for progress, one might say our world is very slowly (but surely) becoming more inclusive in many ways.

The makeup industry, for one, is slowly making breakthroughs in gender barriers. In fact, now more than ever, cosmetics no longer belong to any one gender. 

From a #MakeupIsGenderless movement, to the obvious need for shades to match different skin tones, brands are becoming increasingly more innovative.

Among these innovators are even some individuals. Whether entrepreneurs or brilliant chemists, people are finally "getting it."

Here are just three of the many women helping to make the beauty industry less exclusive.

1. Natalia Ramirez of "Enter Pronoun"
"Enter Pronoun" by Natalia Ramirez is the "first makeup collection geared at meeting the needs of both men and women" in an effort to "bridge the gaps within the beauty industry."


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2. Balanda Atis of L'Oréal's "Women Of Color Lab"
Atis, the manager and a chemist for L’Oréal, created the foundation for Lupita Nyong’o, Lancôme’s first black spokesperson, during her campaign and "now heads L’Oréal’s Women of Color Lab in Clark, New Jersey" where she is "tasked with formulating groundbreaking products for multicultural women, including foundations, lipsticks, and eye makeup," making the industry that much more diverse.

3. Lynn Tilton of "Jane Cosmetics"
Through its "I-Am-Jane" movement, Jane Cosmetics (new line coming January 2017) "brings women together in the spirit of compassion," because, as Tilton says, "Women deserve to feel empowered to live their lives with confidence and courage."

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Photo Credit: Adam Jeffery/CNBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images