This Writer Brought Up Some Important Ideas While Discussing Women at Comic Con

For comic book fans and pop culture enthusiasts alike, Comic-Con is a time for all kinds of fans to come together and celebrate their favorite obsessions.

During the "Nobody's Damsel: Writing for Tomorrow's Women," Sam Maggs, the author of "Fangirl's Guide To The Galaxy," made an observation about women and comic book culture. The writer noted that women and girls made up roughly half of all comic-book buyers, video game players and Comic-Con badge holders, reports The New York Times. She also stated that only 13 percent of the people professionally involved in making comics and games are women. 

Despite lack of equal representation for both female and non-white fans, she remains positive about the future. "In online message boards, 10 years ago, you would never say you were a woman, because that's all anyone would talk about. Or you would walk into a comic-book store, and someone would question your cred, and you'd feel like you want to leave. But that's not the case anymore."

While social media may target women for harassment, Maggs credits it as a positive way for female fans to be heard. "We're able through places like Twitter and Tumblr to form communities of women and other diverse people in which we feel empowered to say, ‘These are the things that we like,' and 'These are the things we're missing,' she said. "Not only can we say them with a large and loud voice, we can also say them directly to the content creators. So we can go directly to Marvel and directly to DC and say: 'We have all this money, all this buying power. Why aren't you catering to us?' And they kind of have to listen."

Want even more comics? Watch the video above with former DC Comics president and MAKER Jenette Kahn as she talks about the importance of comics.

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