Women Earn More Than Men in This Top-Ranking Corporate Position


Dec 21, 2015

Women Earn More Than Men in This Top-Ranking Corporate Position

Men may have the higher hand in the wage gap disparity in the U.S., but women may be the ultimate winners when it comes to certain corporate leadership roles.

A new study conducted by executive compensation firm Equilar and the Associated Press revealed that in 2014, female CFOs at 500 S&P companies made more than male CFOs.

Female corporate finance leaders made an estimate of $200,000 more than men, with the median salary being $3.32 million.

According to the report, the salaries of female CFOs are growing faster than those of male CFOs. Over the last year alone, female CFOs earnings increased by 11 percent while men's earnings increased by only 7 percent.

Fortune reports that Ruth Porat of Google is currently the highest paid female with J.P. Morgan Chase's Marianna Lake ranking as the second-highest paid female in 2014.

While women dominating professionally and financially in the workplace is always celebratory news, it's worthwhile to note that while women CFOs may out-earn men, there are still more male CFOs. The report found that there were only 60 female CFOs in 2014's S&P.

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