6 Must-Know Stats About Women in Hollywood Before Sunday's Oscars

"You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there."

These were the words that echoed from renowned actress Viola Davis during 2015's Emmys, where she not only made history as the first African-American to win an Emmy for best actress in a drama, but also for her acceptance speech that contextualized Hollywood's lack of gender and racial diversity.

In recent efforts to change the white male dominated Academy, celebrities have announced boycotting the awards ceremony and social media users have jumped in on the conversation with the viral hashtag, #OscarsSoWhite.

As we prepare for the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday, we cannot ignore the stats. Here are six must-know facts about women in Hollywood.

1. Only four women have been nominated as "Best Director" in the entire history of the ​Oscars.

2. Throughout the past decade, women made up less than 20 percent of non-acting Oscar nominations.

3. Across the 100 top films of 2014, less than 16 percent of directors, writers, and producers were women and less than 2 percent of women were directors.

4. In 2014 women played just 12 percent of lead roles in the highest-earning films that year. (And on a side note: No female actors over 45 years performed a lead or co lead role and only three of these female actors in lead or co lead roles were from underrepresented racial backgrounds.)

5. In 2013 the major film studios and other smaller, competitive film studios were 94 percent white and 100 percent male.

6. Men are hired to direct movies 90 percent of the time.

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