#HerStoryIsHistory: Women Who Were Left Out Of History

Have women been written out of the history books? 

MAKERS took to the streets of New York City to find out. We quizzed people on inventions and discoveries contributed by women throughout history. Alongside the correct answer, we gave participants a fictional man's name.

Throughout the session, we saw that most people chose the man's name over the women's. Were they just not paying enough attention in class? No — the problem is that most women were written out of history altogether.

Despite their notable contributions throughout history, women's history is not fairly or accurately represented in history textbooks. 

We want to celebrate these remarkable women who helped shape history by letting their stories and names be told. Even if textbooks don't always include women's history, it still has a place in the classroom. History books are clearly missing a few pages, and it's up to us here at MAKERS to make sure women past, present, and future are not forgotten.

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