A Conversation About the Military's Gender Divide

Gender equality in the military has been an ongoing debate — a political and emotional war that's waged the course of generations.

In an article titled, "The Military Has a Man Problem," that appeared in Politico's July/August edition, journalism professor and author Helen Benedict highlighted the ongoing issues women face in the military.

"In eight years of covering women at war, I have noticed a pattern in attitudes toward women in the military: The men who have served with women are more than satisfied with their work, while the men who are most resistant to serving alongside women have never done it," Benedict wrote.

Her feature addressed the idea that the military's problem with female soldiers is in fact a man's problem.

We're broadening this discussion by featuring a video above of our MAKERS exploring all aspects of women in the military – from their experiences in combat, to their relationships with their male peers.

"Women in the Marine Crops have to fight for their basic dignity, every minute of every waking hour," Equal Rights Advocate Anu Bhagwati explained. "It's a pretty brutal place."

But it's not all grim for women in this field. There are shining moments worth celebrating.

U.S. Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, shares the most rewarding part of serving her country: the moment she earned her soldier's respect.

"They had taken ownership of me," Gabbard said, beaming proudly, "And that'' something that doesn't go away."

For more women in the military, watch our documentary below.

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