The Women in Military Service for America Memorial Needs Your Help

On October 18, 1997, in front of a crowd of nearly 30,000 people, the Women in Military Service for America Memorial was dedicated and endorsed by the Departments of Defense, Transportation, Veterans Affairs and Interior.

As the "only major national memorial honoring all women who have defended America throughout history," the Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery has since encouraged visitors to recognize the patriotism and bravery of the women who have served the United States of America.

In an effort to make women's "contributions a visible part of our history," the memorial "illustrates their contribution equal to that of men in defense of our nation... [serving] as inspiration for others."

But according to The Washington Post, despite efforts to tell and preserve the stories of the more than 300,000 registered service women, the nonprofit memorial is in danger of closing due to low funding.

"Let’s help the memorial celebrate its 20th anniversary next year confident that it will be around for the next generation," Katherine Sharp Landdeck wrote in an op-ed for The Post, encouraging others to donate to keep the memorial doors open in order to "show the women who have served in our military that we are thankful for their service."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images