What Would You Look Like On the $10 Bill?

Women currently account for more than half of the United States' population, yet the faces of women are missing from a basic necessity of American capitalism: currency.

In summer 2015, United States Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew finally made what many believed to be a promise to include a woman's face on the new $10 bill.

The United States Treasury has now missed its own deadline and with an updated announcement now days away many critics believe women might just be pushed to the back of the new $10 bill (or may have to wait more than a decade to find a woman on a $20 bill).

MAKERS took to the streets of New York to find women who believe that if they can see their faces on the money they use, they can also be anything they want.

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Photo Credit: MAKERS


Jennifer | "I'm a teacher and the young girls in my class need to see an iconic female face on the $10 bill so they feel like they're a part of American history." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Kathya | “Women deserve to be paid equally and represented equally on U.S. currency! We’ve waited too long for this!” Photo Credit: MAKERS

Ghaniat | "If we want our daughters to aspire to greatness, we must show them images of great women — not just white men." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Juliana | "Putting a woman on the back of a $10 bill makes her seem less important. We are not second class citizens, and we deserve to be front and center." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Victoria | "If you can see it, you can be it." Photo Credit: MAKERS 

Kamelia | "Women are becoming the world's most powerful consumers. So why can't I see a woman's face on the green dollar bills I use every day?" Photo Credit: MAKERS

Natalia | "If we don’t get a woman on the $10 bill, I don’t want to have to wait 'til I'm a grandmother to see a female face on the $10 bill." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Sophia | "So many other countries have women on their currency — Syria, Turkey, Sweden, Chile —  America is so far behind!" Photo Credit: MAKERS

Deborah | "If they promised to put a woman on $10 bill, they should keep that promise. They owe it to women." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Anna | "We need a female face on $10 bill now! We can't wait another 20 years!" Photo Credit: MAKERS

Isabel | "It's a no brainer - little girls should be able to see themselves in what is arguably the most prevalent everyday symbol of our American identity: our currency." Photo Credit: MAKERS Women