This App Highlights Women Throughout History In the Coolest Way

Women's history is something that should be celebrated for more than just one month. The Women on the Map app, which is currently available via Google's Field Trip app, encourages users to learn more about women's history in an interactive way.

A group of women from the website, Spark, came up with this idea when they were fed up with discouraging statistics on women. From their website: "Last year, we saw the same thing happen when we looked at Google's Doodles: between 2010 and 2013, only 17 percent of Google Doodles around the world honored women. When we talked to them about it, not only had they already started fixing the problem, but they also invited us to join their Field Trip app. Google knows, as we do, that it's not that women don't make history – it's that we don't honor them for it."

Once a user downloads the Field Trip app and adjusts their settings, they will receive push notifications while they're near a place where a moment in women's history occurred. Since the app is still in its beginning stages, they're currently accepting suggestions.

Take the opportunity to spotlight a significant piece of history in your hometown, or pay tribute to a historic woman here.

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Photo Credit: Spark