5 Women-Only Transportation Services Making a Statement

5 Women-Only Transportation Services Making a Statement


Jul 21, 2015

When it comes to late night transportation, the qualms of getting home safely are never-ending — especially for women. 

Do we stick to our usual bus or subway route hoping to avoid any possible confrontations or unwanted communication?

Even if we opt for Lyft or Uber, we are often hesitant to trust these services to get us home safely, knowing that the stakes of rape and sexual assault are higher for female passengers.

Enjoying a healthy social life should come without comprising safety, and with this new crop of women-only transportation services taking over the globe, female travelers may finally be granted some long overdue peace of mind (and body) while on the road.

1. She Rides
The NYC-founded female and minority run cab service She Rides provides female riders with a safe commuting option in a city where only 5 percent of 60,000 drivers are female. The company also empowers women to both take to the wheel as drivers.

2. Pink Ladies
The UK-based non-profit Pink Ladies goes beyond its hot pink taxis. The "community transport service" offers pick-up services, school runs and elderly care alike from its crew of female drivers.

3. Pink Taxis
Established in 2009 to address Mexico's growing harassment in public transportation issue, Pink Taxi or (Pink Taxi de Pubela) is driven exclusively by woman drivers who do not stop for men customers. The drivers are provided with licensing and training upon receiving certification to drive.

4.  She-Taxi


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India often makes headlines (and not good ones) when it comes to female safety in public transportation. Fortunately, community members are fighting against rape and murder among transportation with practical innovations like the 24-hour service, She-Taxi, that provides women and their families with safer transportation options.

5. She-Bus
Following the success of She-Taxi in the southern state of Kerala, this women-run private bus company will be launching all over India. The buses will be low to the ground with key features such as wheelchair accessibility.

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Photo Credit: ATTA KENARE via Getty Images; Instagram

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