It's True! Women Run a Majority Of Hulu's Original Television Series

If there's one thing we'd like to see happen in the film industry to increase overall diversity, it's to see more females become creators, directors, and producers of both television shows and movies.

With increased encouragement from individuals and companies over the last few years, women have had increased success in the spotlight. But there's still much room for improvement.

Among some of the companies encouraging female creators, is one that's on a mission to bring more new and exciting works to the table: Hulu.

In order to remain different, Hulu showcases the unique works of those "whose voices weren't heard loudly enough before."

By doing so, Hulu has successfully created a community of talented men and women whose differences make Hulu one of the most diverse companies of its kind in both content and talent.

According to Wired, "Hulu's originals slate has become dominated by female showrunners" like Mindy Kaling, Julie Klausner, Bridget Carpenter, Liz Tigelaar, and Alexandra Cunningham.

And because, "Hulu's writers and producers refer their collaborators, and the network's network keeps growing," we can only hope that means more successful shows like "The Mindy Project" and more talented female creators.

Watch filmmaker Ava DuVernay's exclusive MAKERS story in the video player above.

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Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic