Women in Sports: Playing with the Boys

Women in Sports: Playing with the Boys


Jun 5, 2014

From MAKER Lisa Leslie, the first woman to dunk in a pro game, to Violet Palmer, the first female NBA referee, women have been a big part of basketball history. Growing up, Lisa had to play with boys who didn't pass to her - so she used to steal the ball from her own teammates to take shots. Eventually the crowd would yell at the team to pass to her, because every time she stole the ball, she scored.

In honor of Lisa and the women who've made a name for themselves even when the boys tried to keep them down, we're taking a look at women who've played the sports that many traditionally think are "men's sports."

View the gallery above to learn about the women who never saw their passion for a sport as an obstacle, but as an opportunity and learn more about Lisa from her MAKERS interviews below.

Don't see a female athlete that should be on the list? Tweet at @MAKERSwomenwith your suggestion!

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