These Successful Women in Tech Are Changing the Conversation On Sexism

Silicon Valley is no stranger to claims of sexism and discrimination. While exposing the harsh truth is one step toward eliminating negativity, it may also be discouraging young women from pursuing their entrepreneurial and technology goals. 

In an effort to sway the conversation in a different direction, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, founder of video shopping startup Joyus, is highlighting the stories of women who’ve found success in the tech industry. In April, she surveyed 100 female tech founders about their experiences in the industry. She then shared their stories in an open letter co-signed by 58 other women on Re/Code, reports Fortune.

While survey results revealed women were succeeding in the industry, results also reflected that women were experiencing sexism and discrimination. 

The survey found that 67 percent of female founders said they experienced discrimination, 35 percent said they experienced sexual harassment, and an overwhelming 86 percent said they were unequally judged compared to men. 

Cassidy urged that women shouldn’t give up selling themselves and their ideas, in order to find success.

“If you want to compete,” Cassidy said, “you have to work the dynamic of the ecosystem you’re in, and that means you have to pitch with people who pitch big.”

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Photo Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images