The Women of TIME's Next Generation of Leaders

Though there are plenty of lists ranking individuals by how much money they make or what their IQ is, there are few lists that are quite as eye opening as the one recently published by TIME — the Next Generation Leaders of 2016.

This list, comprised of a variety of inspiring young leaders, includes young men and women from both different countries and passions.

From actresses and playwrights to activists and athletes, this is a list you will not want to gloss over. Click through the slideshow above of women on the list and watch the video below to let them inspire you.

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Photo Credit: TIME/Hasisi Park


Saoirse Ronan 17-years-old Ireland Actress "It's important for me to play intelligent women because in film and TV... you kind of have a responsibility to portray real life and it's really important for women, especially in this generation now, to see strong, intelligent, and female characters on screen because I think it really influences our mindset and how we view each other." Photo Credits: TIME/Peter Hapak

Saran Kaba Jones, 33 Liberia Water Activist/Founder of FACE Africa "The true meaning of life is not about planting trees whose shade you can sit under today, it's really about thinking... about the next generation. It's about laying the foundation and the groundwork for those who are going to come after you." Photo Credit: TIME/Peter Hapak

Simone Biles, 19 United States Athlete "Most athletes get intimidated once they see how many fans are out there, but it almost calms me down in a way because I think of it as a fun way to show off what I've been working on." Illustration Credit: TIME/David J. Phillip

Polly Stenham, 29 Britain Playwright "Starting young made me fearless... You don't know how many ways in which you can fail." Photo Credit: TIME/Jim Naughten

Destiny Watford, 21 United States Environmental Justice Activist/Free Your Voice Leader "For so long our voice has been taken from us or hindered in some way... In creating our own narrative we take the power back." Illustration Credit: TIME/Doug Kapustin

Irene Kim, 28 South Korea Model "If you're happy, you're confident and if you're confident, you're beautiful." Photo Credit: TIME/Hasisi Park

Ashima Shiraishi, 15 United States World Record Breaking Rock Climber "In climbing, gender really doesn’t matter... Even if you’re bigger or smaller than someone, you’re tackling the same thing. It’s just your determination and focus and dedication, and that’s what makes you stronger." Photo Credit: TIME/Peter Hapak