This Women Transformed an NYC Apartment Rooftop Into a Commercial Farm

New York City's urban farming developments continue to sprout up all over the city, but this woman is taking the normally small-scale sustainable project to a commercial level.

Zaro Bates has developed a 4,500-square foot organic farm right on top of a new 900-apartment complex in Staten Island.

It's an understatement to say she has a green thumb. The 26-year-old farmer-in-residence has grown thousands of pounds of fifty different kinds of produce.

Did we mention it's her first growing season?

Even in its first run, the farm provides for a weekly farm stand, three restaurants, a CSA-style "veggie pick-up bundle," and is making donations to a local food bank.

Bates also runs gardening workshops for residents and the public.

"People really love food here," Bates said. "Instead of traveling long distances and being in cold storage and fridges for a really long time before it even gets to the supermarket, our harvest is the day before."

This means that after our customer buys it, it will last in their fridge for up to two weeks.

Fourteen percent of New York City landfills are comprised of food scraps. Efforts from successful urban farmers like Bates help reduce such food waste, and help people have fresher food.

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Photo credit: Facebook/Urby