How These Women Turned Drinking Tea Into a Rebellious Act


Sep 9, 2015

How These Women Turned Drinking Tea Into a Rebellious Act

With campaigns and movements using 'selfies' to promote self-love and body confidence, to name a few, two Pakistani women have harnessed the selfie as a powerful tool for activism.

Sadia Khatri and Natasha Ansari were compelled to start the hashtag #girlsatdhabas in hopes of making room for women to visit dhabas (a roadside tea and food stall typically found in Southeast Asia) as often they life without restrictions.

Women only frequent the male-dominated dhabas if escorted by men.

Khatri and Ansari began posting selfies using the hashtag #girlsatdhabas in May. Since then, the hashtag has picked up with girls all-around southeast Asia. The two have created a Tumblr page to curate images sent to them. Men have also posed in the selfies to show their support of integrating women at dhabas.  

Both Khatri and Ansari hope that the movement fosters a safer environment for women and encourages a forward approach to the conversation on gender equality in Pakistan.

Check out a few of the selfies below to see the women (and men) of the #girlsatdhabas movement.


Dhaba times #Hyderabad #India #GirlsAtDhabas @girlsatdhabas

A photo posted by Marta García Aliaga (@marthastern) on


9:30 pm - girls night out at BOTS, Karachi. #girlsatdhabas #submission #welovesnapchat #Karachi

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A photo posted by Kavya Kartik (@_mahakavi) on


A photo posted by sana kazmi (@tichkumtutu) on

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