Women in Water: A History of Incredible Female Swimmers

Women in Water: A History of Incredible Female Swimmers


Jun 23, 2015

In 2013, on her fifth attempt and at age 64, endurence swimmer Diana Nyad emerged on the shores of Key West, Fla., after swimming 110 miles from Havana, Cuba in 53 hours. It was the first time a person ever accomplished the passage without a shark cage or flippers.  

Nyad had attempted the journey four times before, first in 1978, and is a walking — well, swimming — example of the importance of being resilient enough to never give up, no matter what age.

When Nyad achieved the amazing feat, MAKERS took a look back at women's swimming accomplishments — and all the obstacles they overcame to reach them. Less than a hundred years ago, a woman couldn't jump in the water publicly without wearing a wool skirt! While swimming is second nature to so many of us, not too long ago it was inconcievable that a girl should be able to swim.

So take a look back with us to view how far women in the water have come. 

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