Jessica Alba Shares the 5 Incredible Women Who Inspire Her

Discover who actress Jessica Alba looks to for inspiration, fashion advice, and so much more.

1. Tory Burch, designer 
"She's been a mentor, just talking me through business operationally. Whenever I've had challenges, she advises me to take the high road."

2. and 3. Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin, founders of e-newsletter The Skimm  
"They're tenacious, smart, awesome. And they're informing a whole new generation of women."

4. Diane von Furstenberg, designer 
"Her approach and the way she's marketed her brand are quite innovative. What she's done with that wrap dress is incredible!"

5. Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN 
"She's kick-ass in business. Something I got from her is to always sit at the table as a woman. When you’re in investor meetings, a lot of women sit behind the men. It shouldn’t be that way."

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Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman via Getty Images