Women Who Rule the White House--and Primetime

What if these fictional women put their heads together? They'd run a very high-powered cabinet. MAKERS imagines what titles they'd take.

For real-life women of the White House, watch our film MAKERS: Women in Politics, or check out Julia Louis-Dreyfus' video below, about playing the Vice President on Veep!


Vice President: Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is a disgruntled, foul-mouthed Vice President. 

Secretary of Defense: Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope thinks on her feet, and she trusts her gut. And with President Fitz out of office (this is an all-woman ensemble, remember), she can focus fully.

President: MAKER Geena Davis plays the first female president in Commander in Chief. She'd definitely make a few changes from the Oval Office. Hear her perspective on gender in media.

Secretary of the Interior: There is no one better to protect our great outdoors than Leslie Knope, Pawnee City Councilwoman, expert in raccoon relocation and dog park construction.

Secretary of State: Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright) has the self-discipline and focus to negotiate foreign policy as tensions rise. Conflicted leaders seem doable after navigating the moodiness of Frank.

Department of Homeland Security: With her CIA training and relentless pursuit of justice, Carrie Mathison could take on the troubles of an insecure nation. A woman familiar with the brink, she would take the right risks and go the distance to protect the U.S.

Attorney General: After she left her husband and transitioned from precarious partner to independent powerhouse, Alicia Florrick settled into managing both her own law firm and her family with aplomb. Offering sage legal advice to the president and the nation seem within Alicia's wheelhouse.