Women4Climate Initiative, Run By C40 Mayors, Prove the Future Is Female


Mar 10, 2017

Women4Climate Initiative, Run By C40 Mayors, Prove the Future Is Female

Fifteen mayors in the C40 — a network of the world's megacities committed to addressing climate change  are women, a 275 percent increase from the four cities with female mayors in 2014.

One of the 15, Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris and chair of C40, took to Reuters on International Women's Day to showcase women in the world, and how women are continuously fighting to defend their values against forces that try to undermine them.

And now, these female mayors are taking up an even greater cause: climate change.

"As women mayors, we want to support the next generation of women because women bear the primary burden of tackling climate change today, and are likely to continue to do so in the future," Hidalgo writes.

Ninety percent of the 150,000 people killed in the Bangladesh cyclone were women, Hidalgo gives as example to state her point that "Women are more vulnerable than men to the disasters of climate change."

Led by Christiana Figueres and Laurence Tubiana, over 190 nations signed the Paris Agreement on climate change, which shows that "yes, the future is female" (as Hillary Clinton said in her exclusive message for The 2017 MAKERS Conference).

Now, 90 percent of mayors representing 650 million urban citizens in the C40 network are implementing changes to create "green cities."

"As members of C40, we know that we need today to support the next generation of women leaders, whose mission is to build tomorrow — starting today," Hidalgo writes.

That's where the Women4Climate initiative comes in, offering mentorship, support, advice, and guidance to young women and their activities, projects, and businesses.

"Helping new generations of women to lead the fight against climate change will make our cities stronger, more resilient and more equal."

She continues: "Let 2017 be remembered as the year that a new generation of women leaders, galvanized by the threat of climate change and opposed to forces of populism, emerged to transform the world’s great cities. As mayors, our message to everybody, particularly women, who are concerned about climate change is simple: now is the time to save our planet, making it better."

You can learn more about the Women4Climate initiative and C40 here.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Energiehaus Arquitectos SLP

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