Women's March Demonstrators Built a Wall of Signs Outside the White House

Almost half a million Women's March demonstrators makes for a lot of signs — especially when they're all converging on one city. And since Washington, D.C., recycling bins and trash cans probably weren't equipped to handle all of those, placard-carrying protesters had to find alternative means of disposal. One prime location? The fence surrounding the White House. In an act usually associated with tragedies, those departing the Women's March left their signs along the periphery of President Donald Trump's new official quarters. And there were a lot.

So in a way, Trump did get his wall — on his second day as president. Impressive!

And the construction didn't stop outside the White House: Protesters stacked signs in front of Trump International Hotel in D.C., and demonstrators from the Women's March in New York City made sure to leave a few in front of Trump Tower. Gatherings of signs were also spotted in subway stations and outside the New York Public Library — most face-up and arranged so their messages could still be seen.

To be fair, the cleanup is going to be substantial, but, well, the statement is just too good. And as far as what happens next, that's even more important. Here's how you can get — and stay — involved.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images