Just How Many People Actually Attended the Women's Marches?

The global Women's March proved to be a monumental moment in history.

Now known as the largest inaugural protest in history, the Women's March on Washington was three times larger than Trump's crowd at his inauguration — more specifically, a whopping 470,000 on January 21 at 2pm, compared to 160,000 the day before at the same time, The New York Times reports.

As more numbers come through, it is now estimated that Washington D.C., had about 1 million people turn up for the women’s march, the Times reports. Read on to find out the estimated totals of attendees from the largest women's marches — in the U.S. and beyond.

Los Angeles: 750,000

New York City: 500,000

Chicago: 250,000

Denver: 200,000

Boston: 175,000

Seattle: 175,000

San Francisco: 150,000

London: 100,000

Oakland, Calif.: 100,000

Madison, Wisc.: 100,000

Portland, Ore.: 100,000

St. Paul /Minneapolis: 100,000

Toronto: 60,000

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Photo Credit: Getty Images