Women's Suffrage: The Women Behind the Movement You Thought You Knew

Women's Suffrage: The Women Behind the Movement You Thought You Knew


Aug 18, 2016

Girls in America don't have to think twice about their right to vote. They are born with the promise that at eighteen, they can cast their vote.

Less than a hundred years ago, a woman's right to vote was nonexistent; women had to fight for it, relentlessly and courageously. The story of the American women’s suffrage movement is long and harrowing, with details gone largely unknown.

Beginning in the 19th century with incredible minds like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and moving into the 20th century with the tenacious leaders like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, women’s suffrage did not happen overnight. From unprecedented pickets in front of the White House to cruel imprisonment and punishment, the women who fought for women’s suffrage were far more than women in long dresses and big hats.

Check out the gallery above to learn about the incredible women who fought for women’s suffrage.

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