Words to Live By at Work from 3 Wonder Woman CEOs

Not all superheroes wear capes! Scroll to get to know 3 Wonder Women CEO's that slay all day...

Jennifer Hyman, Co-founder & CEO, Rent the Runway.

Hyman founded Rent the Runway in 2008 and in 2016, Rent the Runway passed $100 million in revenue.

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What we learned:To be a successful CEO, you need to be a tough woman-- don't let society tell you otherwise or take your courage.

In her words: "In order for me to be a successful CEO and to continue to scale and grow every single year, I have to make tough decisions. I have to fire people. I have to change business strategy. I have to do things that people on my team are not necessarily going to think are sweet and feminine."

Julie Rice, Co-founder & CEO SoulCycle

Rice along with her business partner, Elizabeth Cutler, founded SoulCycle in 2006 becoming the first boutique gym of its time and the first in New York to have an online reservation system.

What we learned: People matter. Bottom line. Keep that in mind at all times and your business will have a soul.

In her words: "If people feel like they matter and you can create that element for people, then they begin to feel like they matter to each other, you know, they don't just matter to the business but they matter to each other and so it sort of becomes a pay it forward."

Meet Amy Shecter, CEO, GLAMSQUAD.

Shecter, who became CEO of GLAMSQUAD in 2016, has a mission to empower women to feel amazing and confident and urges consumers to stay tuned for what's next.

What we learned: Businesses are as much for the employee as they are for the consumer.

In her words: "Doing something that is significant and creating and curating a brand that has a soul to it and a why, we believe, is a point of distinction."

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