World's Largest Mining Company Works to Bridge the Gender Gap

According to Fortune, BHP Billiton announced a new plan to diversify an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated.

To achieve this goal, BHP plans to employ another 21,000 women by the middle of the next decade — including its own staff and contractors.

Currently, women account for 18 percent of BHP's 65,000 employees (which includes contractors), Bloomberg reports.

"Our 2025 aspirational goal is to achieve gender balance at all levels of the organization over the next decade," BHP's chief executive officer Andrew Mackenzie told Bloomberg.

In addition to hiring more women, BHP also strategizes to fight bias in its policies by offering more flexible work options for women.

Women in the mining industry often face discrimination, but as BHP plans to integrate its workforce, they hope other contractors will take action and do the same.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images