Yael Cohen Braun Influences Millennials to Care About the Future of Cancer

When Yael Cohen Braun's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Braun felt that she was not fully equipped with the proper knowledge or resources to assist her mother through treatment.

To make light of the situation and lift her mother's spirits, Yael made a t-shirt with the slogan "Fuck Cancer" printed across the front. When she saw how positively her mother had responded to the empowering shirt, Yael soon realized that "fuck cancer" was much more than a simple slogan.

At the age of 22, Braun started the organization Fuck Cancer to encourage millennials to engage and communicate with their families about early detection.

A year into the launch of the organization, Cohen Braun began to receive attention from all around the globe, one of the most notable supporters being the White House. 

"One of my oh-my-god, call-your-parents moments was when I was 22, about a year in, and I got a call inviting me to the White House for the Next Generation Leaders Conference," Braun recently told Refinery29.

Now, a new mother and a well-regarded influencer in philanthropy and entrepreneurship, Braun continues to innovate the cancer research arena with her new care management app, StandWith.

"StandWith was built to help the patient's family and friends get the help they need," Braun told MAKERS.

Fuck Cancer's three-step system of "prevent, detect and unite" is revolutionizing the way we look at cancer — bridging the gap between innovative and digital initiatives, preexisting cancer research, and millennial involvement. 

"Our campaigns are provocative and that's the way media is going. You want to engage people in the way they're already comfortable in," Braun says about Fuck Cancer's marketing strategies.

Listen to Braun in the video above talk more about why Fuck Cancer's target audience is the millennial generation.

Learn more about her back story and work with Fuck Cancer by watching her full MAKERS story here.

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