This Publisher Will Only Release Books By Women Writers for a Year

Writer Kamila Shamsie made a call-to-action in the Guardian urging for fellow female writers to have their voices heard. She proposed that 2018 would be dedicated to publishing more work by women. One publishing house in particular decided to accept this challenge.

In 2018, publisher And Other Stories will only be publishing books written by women authors. 

"It's not just about helping create a women’s writing boom," said And Other Stories editor, Sophie Lewsi, to the Independent “Only publishing women in 2018 means we will be able to carry out a thorough investigation of how different books reach us, and how we can encourage more underrepresented voice to be heard."

We really hope that more publishing houses decide to take part in the Year of Publish Women because we're beyond passionate about empowering women to have their voices heard and their stories shared. 

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