You Can Celebrate 50/50 Day On May 10 With This Incredible Film

You Can Celebrate 50/50 Day On May 10 With This Incredible Film


Mar 28, 2017

Although Women's History Month is coming to a close and International Women's Day has passed, there are plenty of days worth celebrating in the months ahead.

May 10, 2017 will mark 50/50 Day, a day dedicated to a "global conversation about what it will take to get to a more gender-balanced world in all sectors of society: business, politics, culture, home, and more."

Inspired by the film "50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women and Power," directed by MAKER Tiffany Shlain, that highlights a "10,000 year history of women + power — from setbacks and uprisings, to the bigger context of where we are today," #5050 Day will unite thousands of participants.

Sign up to participate in order to receive the film, discussion materials, online resources, and a global Q&A conversation. Then, host an event of your own.

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Photo Credit: Let It Ripple

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