"You Can't Get Lazy And Tired": Chelsea Handler and Gloria Steinem Discuss the Importance of Feminist Accountability

When two MAKERS, Chelsea Handler and Gloria Steinem, sat down with Patricia Cohen of The New York Times for a #TimesTalk on April 3, a beautiful thing happened: a discussion deemed a "talking circle."

Touching upon the current presidency, sexism, stereotypes, feminism, and other topics, the three women talked for just over an hour, leaving the audience laughing and applauding.

Among one of the key messages, as pointed out in BUST, was their discussion about accountability, something on which the outlet writes, "It’s not about chanting how inclusive you are; it’s about reaching those who are not and conveying the message that just because their rights aren’t totally attacked doesn’t mean the rights of other women aren’t."

"You have to stick up for people who don't have the voices to stick up for themselves... You can't get lazy and tired... Just do it!" Handler stated, later adding, "It doesn't matter if it affects you, because it's happening to other people."

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Photo Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage