You'll Never Believe It: Sarah Ramos Wrote Her New Web Series When She Was 12

Actress Sarah Ramos of "Parenthood" was just 12-years-old when she wrote the script for her new romantic comedy web series "City Girl."

"I actually have barely any recollection of writing 'City Girl,'" Ramos told NPR in an interview, adding, "Although when I found it in my closet, it was... a 50-page script, and there were, like, red pen marks, like, halfway through where I was... revising."

But when she found the script at the age of 25, she decided it was worth sharing, despite the script's seemingly unrealistic and illogical premise. Ramos herself plays Casey Jones, a woman in her 20s who loves rap music, follows fashion trends of the mid-2000s, and has lunch at McDonald's with her doctor where a potential romance ensues.

"I don't think you can really be embarrassed by being so determined to tell a story and yet having a total lack of regard for logic," she told NPR. "That's just being a kid."

Now, with six episodes of the show online, Ramos has to decide whether or not she should add the rest of the script she wrote as a pre-teen to her mini-series.

#CITYGIRL, a romantic comedy I wrote when I was 12, comes out online tomorrow! The world isn't ready...

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Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images