YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Gives 3 Steps for Tech Companies to Get Women in STEM

In a recent exclusive essay for Vanity Fair, MAKER Susan Wojcicki discussed gender discrimination (particularly in STEM related fields), and how employers can do better to ensure that biases are eliminated in the workplace.

The piece, in which Wojcicki discussed the solution to combating this discrimination ("hiring more women"), outlines three key pieces of advice which companies need to follow:

1. "Make gender diversity a personal priority"
According to Wojcicki, Human Resources can only do so much to achieve its diversity goals without the help of the higher-ups. CEOs should make it their commitment with "dedicated resources, clear goals, comprehensive analytics, and company-wide transparency."

2. "Provide money and staff to groups that support female — or any underrepresented — employees"
By providing resources for underrepresented groups to thrive in any working environment, companies invest in the success of their employees and their ability to overcome barriers, "whether it's holding off-sites, sending people to conferences, or hosting social events."

3. "Extend their privilege"
In her final point, Wojcicki states "I wouldn't be in the position I'm in today without several key people in power believing in me and giving me a chance to succeed." For this reason, she believes that those who are in positions of "power and influence" should "extend their privilege" to help those underneath them succeed.

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Photo Credit: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg/Getty Images