YouTube's Haifa Beseisso Is Countering the Misperception of Islam in "Fly with Haifa"

In a profile featured in Women in the World, Zainab Salbi spotlights 25-year-old Haifa Beseisso of YouTube's "Fly with Haifa," a project dedicated to changing the misperception of Islam.

"The image of Islam is so negative these days that even Muslims are afraid of saying they are Muslims," Beseisso says.

And in an effort to change this, she quit her job, left her home in Dubai, and traveled to 30 different countries, filming her encounters along the way.

These meetings captured in her videos showed many positive and encouraging things — from love and compassion, to curiosity and empathy.

Despite facing discrimination all over, including in her own country where she was denied her dream to be on television because she wore a headscarf, she has also found acceptance and friends along the way.

"I wanted to show the world how Muslim women are living their lives — most of them have a normal life and they do all that they want," Beseisso continued in the interview, adding, "For ISIS we are not Muslim. For non-Muslims we are ISIS."

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Photo Credit: Hamza Sami/Haifa Beseisso Facebook Page