Zainab Salbi Shares How Companies Can Help End Violence Against Women and Sexual Harassment

In a recent op-ed for Women in the World, MAKER Zainab Salbi discussed "the path to stopping violence against women, sexual harassment and achieving gender equality."

The piece, written by Salbi herself, uses a new Unilever study as the basis for its findings. Unilever CEO Keith Weed stated that the study actually revealed that "more than half of [the 9,000 people] surveyed said that gender stereotypes personally impact their career or lives, or both."

To Salbi, the evidence found in this study just reiterates what we have known for years. Results continue to be strikingly similar, so while we may think there is progress being made for women, one thing remains the same: stereotypes.

"The path to stopping violence against women in our streets and in our homes, sexual harassment in the workplace, and gaining better representation of women in the work and political sectors is no longer limited to activists and NGOs," Salbi wrote. "Companies will need to join the ride fully and incorporate a gender equality agenda."

And in order to do this, Salbi encourages you to be bold and ask yourself the tough questions, including "How can we be more responsible toward a safer and a more respectable world for women?"

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