Zoe Saldana Is Co-Producing a Film On Canada's Missing Indigenous Women

"Gone Missing" is an upcoming documentary on aboriginal women in Canada who have been murdered or vanished along what has become known as the Highway of Tears.

Zoe Saldana and her two sisters run a production company called Cinestar Pictures, in which they have a strong passion for women's rights and issues.

Many people are unaware that indigenous women are four times more likely to go missing or be murdered than other Canadian women. Since 1980, there have been as many as 4,000 disappearances.

"If this exact same story were being told in a country in Africa, I think we would be paying attention to it and we would be donating money to it, but because it's in Canada, we don't want to see it in our own backyard," said Leslie Owen, the film's director.

"Gone Missing" intertwines the stories of three families who have been affected by the continuous problem, and also includes the infamous murder of Tina Fontaine.

In April, the Women in the World New York Summit hosted a panel titled Canada's Shame, in which the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Carolyn Bennett discussed the source of the problem. Watch a clip from the discussion below.

Owen hopes the film will be completed by fall 2016.

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