MAKERS has partnered with China's Yang Lan, a broadcast journalist and founder of Sun Media Group—one of China’s leading private media companies - to launch MAKERS China. Yang Lan has worked closely with a diverse and accomplished board of advisors to select each of our ten Chinese MAKERS.

“The stories of extraordinary Chinese women should be told. When we first approached AOL about bringing MAKERS into our country, we were hopeful,” said Yang Lan. “There’s a strong need for an inspirational platform like MAKERS in China. The ethos of MAKERS transcends geographic borders.”

MAKERS China Profile

Yang Lan

Co-Founder & Chairperson, Sun Media Group

Yang Lan learned from her resilient grandmother the strength of women and has been using media to show that strength ever since. She made a name for herself as a TV talk show host and is now the most powerful woman in Chinese media. Called the Chinese Opra... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Yang Liping

Dance Artist

At a young age, Yang Liping was selected to join an ethnically diverse song and dance troupe dedicated to preserving regional dance traditions. Liping was with this group for ten years, giving her a chance to go deeper into the lives of various ethnic Chin... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Yan Geling

Novelist and Screenwriter

Yan Geling grew up in Shanghai with very artistic parents, her talent for dance winning her a place in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) dance troupe at the young age of 12, an experience she would later write about. When the Sino-Vietnamese war broke o... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Li Yan

Olympic Speed Skating Coach

Li Yan is a Silver medal winning Olympic speed skater and coach of the Chinese Short track speed skating team. Yan grew up in Heilongjiang, and first learned to skate in elementary school. She was soon recruited to a private sports training school in Jiamu... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Li Yinhe

China's First Female Sexologist

Li Yinhe is a sociologist, sexologist and LGBT rights activist from Beijing, China. Dubbed “China’s first sexologist,” Li is a pioneer for women and gender studies in China. In 1992, she published her second book, Their World, A Study of the Chinese Gay Co... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Laura Cha Shin May-Lung

Former Vice-Chairwoman, China Securities Regulatory Commission

Laura Cha Shin May-Lung grew up in an ordinary, middle-class family in Hong Kong and is the first non-mainlander to serve the Chinese government at the level she did. Throughout her childhood, her father insisted that boys and girls should be equal, inspir... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Hu Shuli

Investigative Journalist

Hu Shuli grew up and studied in Beijing, where she proceeded to become an investigative journalist, founding her own financial magazine. A five month trip to the United States early in her career gave Shuli a more comprehensive view on journalism, shaping... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Guo Jianmei

China's First Public Interest Lawyer

Guo Jianmei is a human rights activist, lawyer and founder of the Women’s Legal Research and Services Center. Born into a family of peasants in 1960, Jianmei witnessed severe inequalities for the women in her family. After the Conference, Jianmei threw her... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Gong Li


Gong Li is a Chinese actor from Shandong, China. Li has been credited with bringing Chinese cinema to European and American audiences,, and has received numerous international accolades for her work, including awards from the Berlinale Camera, Cannes Film... Read More »

MAKERS China Profile

Fu Ying

Former Vice Foreign Minister, China

Fu Ying is the former Vice Foreign Minister of China, the first woman to serve in the role since 1979, and one of only two to serve in Chinese history. Born in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, Fu went on to graduate from the Beijing Foreign S... Read More »